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About Us

A2N Energy is an Alberta based Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company established in 2014 and was incorporated at Edmonton. It is a subsidiary of its parent company The Srivastava Group and headquartered in New Delhi, India. A2N Energy has got about 10 exploratory assets in Alberta in Light crude, heavier crude in Clastics and Carbonates and also in oil sands, all of which the company may like to pursue, by drilling a few locations, next year onwards. 

Recently, the company has also started dealing in acquisition of producing assets. The corporation has signed a MOU to enter into a Joint Venture with an Alberta based local company for drilling as well as acquisition of producing assets in Alberta.

Keeping in mind of the better pricing of crude in the US and also for diversification purpose, A2N Energy has started pursuing North American companies operating in Montana, California, Wyoming, North & South Dakota, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas, dealing in sweet and light crude in the US for exploring investment opportunities in a few such of non-operated joint ventures and royalty arrangements of producing assets in the US.

The corporation, since its inception in 2014, acquired on lease, as many as 35 exploratory blocks in all parts of Canada and these assets were having various types of crude like sweet crude, sour crude, lighter crude, heavier crude and oil sands. All of these assets were evaluated and analysed by the company’s team of Geoscientist, Reservoir engineer, Petrophysicist, Production Engineer and Software analyst with the help of different database and application softwares.

As some assets were good and some were not so good and some were really bad, so after the completion of the data evaluation and interpretation through log interpretation, log correlation, map preparation, prospect generation, followed by reserve estimation and techno-economic analyses, and finalization of drillable locations, we shortlisted about 10 blocks with generated drillable prospects, and got rid of the rest of the assets.

Meanwhile, in 2018-19, the corporation acquired a few excellent blocks in Nisku and Viking formations in Pembina and Swanhill formation and in White Court Fields in Alberta.

In addition to exploration & production, the company is also engaged in evaluation and due diligence of assets, forwarded to A2N Energy by other companies for their prospect generation, reserve estimation and techno-economic analyses and A2N energy imparts training too in these jobs.

As of January 1st, 2020, the company had approximately 1.15 billion barrels of Inplace Oil (OIIP)  and 250 MM barrels of Oil  as  Recoverable Reserve in the PDP (Proved Developed Producing (PDP) reserves and 150 BCF of IGIP natural gas, and about a 110 BCF  of natural gas  as Recoverable Reserve in the PDP reserves category.